Complex Orthodontics Referrals

We can help you! At Queen & Albert, our focus is on your oral health and helping you achieve the look you want for your smile. Therefore, additional and complementary external services may help and enhance what we do, that which we cannot provide. As such, we can refer you to other specialists such as Orthodontic Work.


Sometimes, our Dentists aren’t what you need for your dental care. So when you need a referral, we will happily recommend an Orthodontist that is reputable, skilled and practised in their craft. Orthodontists are there for more than braces; they set a foundation for a harmonious facial shape, achieved through planning and accurate diagnosis.

Should my child see a Dentist or Orthodontist?

That’s a great question, and the answer is both. At Queen & Albert, while we can specialise in your child’s oral health from their first birthday, visiting an Orthodontist at around seven years of age is recommended. This early assessment can detect and prevent treatment that may be required later on as they go through growth stages. Then, during your regular six or 12 monthly consultations with us at Queen & Albert, we can assess and discuss if you need an Orthodontic referral.

If we can’t treat you, we can refer you to a Specialist

Our experienced team has built many reputable relationships with external professionals, so we are happy to refer you to these specialists because we know how skilled they are! And, of course, we want what’s best for your teeth, and if that isn’t us, then simply set up a consultation at Queen & Albert, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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