Smile Widely in Confidence with Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

Do you feel nervous or self-conscious when you smile because you have what is known as a “gummy smile”? A patient at Queen & Albert wanted to apply for a promotion, but her “gummy smile” stopped her. Then she learned about soft tissue laser, saw the outstanding results, and had the procedure done.

With her newfound confidence and smile, she successfully applied for the job. And due to her impressive results, her male best friend, who also suffered from a “gummy smile’, found it hindered his dating life. Then when he saw the renewed zest in his friend’s life, he knew he also had to get soft tissue laser done. And we’re happy to say he is now dating, with a big smile on his face.

What Causes a “Gummy Smile”?

Two things can cause a gummy smile:

  • Excess gum tissue (genetic)
  • Overactive muscle movement in the upper lip (which exposes more gum)

Why do you use Laser Technology?

Lasers can be used on almost any patient, which means there is no need for stitches or cutting, and the healing process is sped up and less invasive. A distinct advantage to laser technology is that your Dentist can accurately target the area of concern, offering a non-invasive treatment for a range of conditions such as:

  • Gummy smiles
  • Sterilisation and treatment of periodontal pockets and periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Healing of ulcers
  • Pathology

Are there any Side Effects?

You may experience tenderness, swelling and tooth sensitivity for a period of time. In your consultation, we will thoroughly discuss any concerns with you.

Can I Resume my Everyday Eating Habits?

We recommend consuming soft foods that are easy to digest and will not penetrate your gums for one to two weeks. When you eat hard foods such as nuts, ice, or anything sticky, they adhere to your teeth and cause issues. That’s why we suggest a soft palate for a short period of time. Remember, this minor adjustment timeframe is well worth the long-term results of your gorgeous new smile.

What can I Expect During Treatment?

For your comfort, we use a local anaesthetic so you can be completely relaxed throughout treatment. Many patients prefer laser technology as there are no scalpels, recovery time is significantly reduced, and you don’t need any sutures. You also don’t have to go through the vibrations of a dental drill, which many patients can find painful or uncomfortable.

Can you Treat Gum Disease with Laser Treatment?

Yes! Laser technology can be used to treat periodontitis (gum disease). This condition occurs when tooth decay progresses and infects the gum and soft tissue area. This can result in gingivitis (the preliminary form of gum disease) and full-blown gum disease, which cannot be cured once contracted. However, thanks to laser technology, you can manage gum disease with our soft tissue laser, which eradicates bacteria upon application.

Do Muscle Relaxants work for Gummy Smiles?

If your upper lip recedes and exposes your gum when you smile, you may benefit from a muscle relaxant instead of a soft laser treatment. This procedure will reduce the action of the muscle while still allowing you to smile. Ask us if this is suitable for you.

Looking for a Solution to your Gummy Smile!?

A gummy smile means the gum-to-teeth ratio is not aesthetically ideal. However, we can sculpt your gums, so you feel more comfortable and self-assured when you smile. Laser technology procedure is efficient at reducing the amount of visible gum by physically removing and reshaping areas of gum that cover the teeth. If you can relate to this in any way, then chat with us at Queen & Albert, and we can create a specialised treatment plan that will have you smiling enthusiastically once more!

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