SureSmile Orthodontic Aligners

Maybe you’ve heard of clear aligners or Invisalign before, and how effective it is to create synchronicity and facial alignment structure in a non-invasive, seemingly pain-free and quick way? Well, SureSmile is the new name offering the same treatment.

What is the SureSmile system?

The SureSmile system is an affordable treatment for achieving straight teeth where “clear braces” are fitted to straighten your teeth quickly and comfortably. The removable aligners are made of transparent materials that are practically invisible in the mouth. SureSmile is your holistic alternative to achieving straight teeth fast without bulky braces.

How does SureSmile work?

The invisible braces/aligners work by concentrating on the front six to eight teeth. First, using a 3D scanner, our Dentist at Queen & Albert obtains a perfect photo of your teeth and mouth composition. From there, custom-made, clear aligners that are replicas of your teeth are made. Our Dentist will then discuss your treatment plan using dental animation, so you can see what to expect from start to finish.

What else do I need to know?

To comply, we will consult with you every two to four weeks to monitor the gentle repositioning of your teeth. The clear braces or removable aligners are worn for 4-24 weeks, for 20-22 hours a day, even while sleeping. You can also remove the clear aligners for eating and cleaning. With time and care, Queen & Albert can help you reach clinical alignment of your teeth.

I’ve had Braces before. Can I get SureSmile?

Yes! At Queen & Albert, we have found that over time people who have had traditional braces fitted and removed can benefit from the SureSmile system because teeth can regress and pull back. So, SureSmile is like a backup plan to braces, ensuring that all the hard work of braces stays in place and your smile remains attractive.


Compared to other clear aligner treatments, the SureSmile system is moderately priced and a perfect choice for anyone looking for minor orthodontic treatment. Not only does your investment offer an excellent success rate, but you are guaranteed an improvement to your smile.

A Gentle Alternative to Braces

Termed as the alternative to braces, SureSmile is a clear mouth system that improves your smile and the health of your mouth. SureSmile is recommended for patients with minor or moderate crowding or spacing issues with their teeth. Even crooked teeth can be aligned. No teeth pulling, no downtime. In addition, the system is so user-friendly that most people won’t be able to tell you are wearing a SureSmile. Ask our team at Queen & Albert if SureSmile is the proper treatment for you.

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