Look and Feel Younger with Facial Injectables

At Queen & Albert, we understand that every face is unique with its own distinct curves and lines. We provide treatments that can be subtle and natural, or cosmetic dentistry that makes people stop and notice you.

Whatever you need to feel fantastic, we can help you achieve the outcome you desire to harmonise the asymmetry of your face, enhance your natural beauty, or delay the signs of ageing. So book a consultation with our specialised team to freshen up your look, making you feel beautiful and alive.

Facial Injectables

At Queen & Albert, our complete-care approach goes beyond healthy, attractive teeth and gums. We also provide a range of dento-facial aesthetics or, put simply, beauty treatments. Because facial injectables are aimed to target and define what ya Mumma gave you, or if you want to take on a Sophie Monk, Delta Goodrem, or Kim K look, we can help! All of our remedies are bespoke, just like your facial features, and are perfect for framing, enhancing and complementing your fantastic smile.

Why Should I Consider Facial Injectables?

University studies have shown that when you feel great about yourself, you are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. That’s why the vitality that we create for your aesthetic appearance will do wonders for your confidence.

Do Injectables Reduce Migraines?

Yes! Injectables also treat migraines and tension headaches, as the muscle relaxant (also ideal for TMJ) releases the tensed area. Facial injectables also assist an overall improvement when treating a gummy smile, face slimming (around the mouth), and lip formation.

Will Injectables Help Deter Ageing?

If ageing is a concern where smile lines, crow’s feet, thinking lines, or you feel you have a creased forehead, then consider injectables to volumise those troublesome areas, returning your facial features to a youthful glow.

Dento-Facial Injectables

Your Dento-Facial treatment plan will complement and boost the results of your Dental treatments. For example, let’s say you have a teeth whitening treatment and love your smile, but you feel your lips could be fuller, or you have fine lines from pursing your lips. Well, many patients choose to undergo Dento-Facial aesthetics to make the most out of a Cosmetic Dental treatment so that wrinkles, fine lines or thin pursed lips do not distract from the appearance of their smile.

There are two main treatments involved in Dento-Facial aesthetics; dermal fillers and muscle relaxants.

How do Muscle Relaxants Assist Wrinkle Prevention?
Muscle relaxants prevent static wrinkles (permanent wrinkles) from forming. This occurs when we contort our facial muscles for various facial expressions. For example, although laughing, smiling, frowning and pulling funny faces with children are a natural part of life, these moments create lines that can develop into permanent creases. With the treatment and design of muscle relaxants, you can reduce the formation of wrinkles without sacrificing total movement.

Injectable Muscle Relaxants. What are they?
A muscle relaxant consists of a purified protein that leads to temporary muscular relaxation when injected into a muscle. A prime example are beautiful laughter lines from happy moments of life. However, over time and with constant contractions of these facial muscles, using an injectable is a quick, safe and effective way to smooth and soften singular or multiple wrinkles.

What will Happen During Treatment?
We will undertake a thorough dento-facial analysis and detailed discussion before proposing an appropriate treatment plan. The procedure takes only 5-10 minutes and involves a small number of injections of muscle relaxant solution directly into the muscle groups surrounding the area that caused wrinkling.

How Quickly will I Notice an Effect?
You can return to your normal daily activities immediately following treatment. There will be no visible changes as the full effect of the treatment will develop over the following 2-14 days.

How Safe is it?
Muscle Relaxant is considered a very safe medication. It is now approved by medical authorities in over 70 countries worldwide.

What are the Side Effects?
There may be slight discomfort as the needle enters the skin, but no more than that of getting a vaccination. And there’s the possibility of a small bruise at the injection site. If you have any concerns, please voice them to our highly skilled team, and we will address these issues thoroughly before treatment. No long term side-effects have been reported.

What about Post Treatment Care?
Clients are advised to stay upright and are encouraged to exercise the areas (such as talking or eating, singing etc) treated for two to four hours following the injections. It is essential to avoid massaging these areas to prevent the diffusion of solutions to adjacent muscles.

Target Lines and Wrinkles

Our clinic can provide treatments that target lines and wrinkles. This is an excellent treatment for nasal labial folds (from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth), smile lines, lip enhancement and facial contouring (around the mouth).

What will Happen During Treatment?
After a thorough facial analysis and detailed discussion of the proposed treatment plan, your filler can be immediately applied. The gel is injected into the skin in small amounts with a very fine needle. The result is an immediate lift that smoothes out wrinkles with the natural volume it provides.

How Long does the Treatment take?
Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.

How Quickly will I Notice an Effect?
The results are instantaneous.

How Long will the Treatment Last?
This will vary from individual to individual. It very much depends on factors such as a person’s age and lifestyle, the structure of the skin, and the degree of correction required. Most clients choose to have a repeat treatment within a year since the main component of both products (hyaluronic acid) is a natural substance that dissolves over time.

What are the Possible Side Effects?
This is a very safe treatment. The substance is highly biocompatible and biodegradable. A local anaesthetic minimises any discomfort at the time of injection. Bruising, redness and some slight swelling at the treatment site sometimes occur, although rarely lasting more than a few days.

What About Post-Treatment Care?
You should not touch the area for at least six hours following treatment. Postoperative instructions will be given to you.

Reveal your True Self!

At Queen & Albert, we offer you ongoing care to enhance more than your smile. Book a Facial Mapping consultation with us, and we will create the ideal image you want to express to the world. Did you know that we also use muscle relaxants for patients with TMJ Jaw Pain who experience pain from the overuse of muscles? The treatment of TMJ disorders, such as tooth grinding, can now be made simpler and less invasive by using muscle-relaxing injectables. Whichever facial injectable you choose, our friendly and qualified team will assist your transformation. Ask us how!

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