Tooth Extractions Made Easy By Our Friendly Dentists

By the time we are adults, most of us have had a tooth or teeth pulled, performed with a local anaesthetic. When teeth are extracted, it is because they do not need surgical attention. Tooth extractions are ideal if you have a decayed tooth that needs removing, requires orthodontic extractions, or if your wisdom teeth are growing in, impacted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last to emerge and when wisdom teeth become impacted, the tooth will most likely grow towards your other healthy teeth. This is dangerous as the underside of your tooth isn’t protected by enamel, so the impacted tooth could collide with your dental pulp (nerves), resulting in pain and the destruction of a tooth. However, not all impacted wisdom teeth will cause pain alerting you to the problem. That is why we recommend x-rays in your late teens and early twenties so we can detect any issues with the development of your wisdom teeth.

Do I need my wisdom teeth extracted?

It is estimated that over 80% of wisdom teeth need to be removed. If you are concerned about the stages of your wisdom teeth, then please book a consultation. We can evaluate if they need to be removed because we have seen the straightest wisdom teeth go on to cause issues later in life.

What do I need to do Post-Procedure?

At Queen & Albert, we take the utmost care to ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. Recovery will generally take a few days. You may experience some slight post-operative swelling and mild discomfort.

We suggest you:

  • Ingest over-the-counter pain relief medication to relieve your discomfort. Stronger medication can be prescribed if needed.
  • A soft food diet is recommended for several days, avoiding hot liquids in the first 24 hours.
  • An ice pack on the face also alleviates swelling and pain. Apply 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off as needed for the first few hours. Then reapply if necessary.

Tooth Extractions can be Scary…

But at Queen & Albert, our team are always vigilant about your comfort, and we will address any of your concerns. Our practice has been designed to remove the fear factor, so ask us to play your favourite movie or song, (Dr Kristina has even been known to sing to her patients to help them relax). We will do our best to make you feel safe and heard. So when it comes time to book a tooth extraction, let us know if you are anxious, and before treatment, we will make a plan to put you at ease. We really do care!

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